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JTA-100 PC Time Clock:
Time & attendance management for small businesses begins here

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The JTA-100 PC Time Clock is an excellent solution that allows small businesses or larger companies that manage employees time from each branch take advantage of automated time and attendance. Not only is the terminal sleek and compact, it has a built-in proximity card reader that stresses ease-of-use.

Employees simply wave their badges in front of the terminal to punch IN or OUT, even when the badge is in the employee’s wallet or purse. With the proximity reader, no direct contact is required and there are no moving parts making the terminal virtually maintenance free. Two software programmable function keys allow for department or job transfers, entry of tips, or the viewing of the employee’s last punch.

The JTA-100 PC features public and private messaging that allow management to send messages via the clock to all, or to selected employees. Optional features include lockout times when employees are prevented from punching IN or OUT, bell ringing, and opening of doors.

Time Clock Features

Internal proximity card reader.

256K Flash memory (upgradeable to 512K) keeps data for years.

Retains last 4500 punches (6000 punches with 512K memory).

Battery backup for date & time.

Swipe & Go or IN/OUT modes.

Built-in Daylight Saving Time.

Name verification displays the card holder’s name.

Two programmable function keys that can be set for:

  • Department transfers
  • Job changes
  • Opening doors (with lockout module, relay and electronic door lock)
  • Viewing previous punch
  • Entering tips
Programmable bell schedule for ringing electric bells (requires bell relay kit) – each day of the week can have 50 different ring times.

Public and private messages.

Optional lockout feature for preventing early punch-in and late punch-out (prevents unauthorized overtime) – internal schedule holds 2 week lockout profile for each employee.

Hardware Specifications

LCD 2 x 16 characters
Keypad 4 x 4, 16 backlit keys
Relay Output 3 relay contacts (max. voltage 12V DC @ 1 amp)
Power 12V DC @ 1 amp
Operating Temperature 32 ° F - 122 ° F (0 ° C - 50 ° C)
Relative Humidity  20 - 90% RH
Physical Dimensions 7.5" L x 6.5" W x 1.88" H (19.1 cm x 16.7 cm x 4.8 cm)

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 Hardware  Software Features  Add-on Modules  Return on Investment  Get Demo

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